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Overseas Property: How to Find What You're Really Looking for in a Property Abroad

Published: 24 February 2019

Having sold property overseas for more years than we care to admit, there are certain things people tend to look for when they are searching for property abroad and those things tend to be far more important than the standard search options that you find on property websites or portals - number of bedrooms / habitable space / min-max price bracket etc.  

For our clients, a property abroad is a way to enjoy a different way of life. A new lifestyle business perhaps or a calming escape from the day-to-day routine. Perhaps more space is needed to enjoy spending your free time with family and friends or a bolt-hole away from it all?  Maybe you’re looking for properties with a boulangerie within easy reach and a local restaurant nearby or finding a property close to the coast has always been a dream?

We designed the BOPA website so that people can search for those elusive extras that are so hard to find when trawling through endless property listings on the internet, yet it is those essential things that will make a house your home.    

For many people buying abroad, making the most of the warmer climate is essential, so it could be that you’re looking to buy a town or city pad on the continent and a balcony or terrace is essential.  At the other end of the scale, you might be looking for a rural property with a good-sized garden, but not too much land to manage?  

You might be hoping to hone your skills on your favourite past-time and looking for properties that are near a golf course, or by the water or with a seaview?  For other buyers, it’s rather more utilities based having mains drains are crucial and a septic tank a deal-breaker.   These are all searches you can run on the BOPA website to find properties that match those criteria. 

Perhaps, you’re looking for a fresh start?  You can search for smallholdings, established businesses, equestrian properties and lifestyle businesses, including properties for sale in France that have a gîte business, or the potential for one.  

Maybe you’re looking for a property abroad with woodland, a river or a lake or a property that is private with no neighbours?  You can use the BOPA website to search by all of the above. 

There’s a good number of features you can base your search on via the advanced search options and ‘keyword’ search box on the BOPA website but if we’ve missed anything out, anything you would love to see as an essential search criteria, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Here are the current ‘keyword’ search options:

We cherry-pick the best properties on the market that we think will be appealing to an international audience we have a select portfolio of well-presented properties. As a result, we don't have thousands of properties to wade through and I would suggest you pick one or two of the criteria above that are the most important to you and see what pops up.

Please do let us know how it works for you.  With your feedback we can refine and improve the service.