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Is Morocco Safe?

Published: 07 February 2019

Visiting Morocco, and Marrakech in particular, is like travelling back in time to a different world.  The Medina streets are narrow and windy with plenty of hustle and bustle and a steady stream of donkey or moped-pulled trailers piled precariously high with goods destined for the souks.  The Marrakechis are often dressed in traditional djellaba cloaks and the daily call to prayer rings out across the city at regular intervals.  For visitors experiencing Morocco for the first time, it can be rather a leap from the comfort zone to suddenly be immersed in a place that is such a novelty for all the senses. 

Being such a contrast to anything you might experience in Europe, it's not unusual for people to sometimes wonder whether Morocco is a safe place to visit.  In a 2017 World Economic Forum issued a report that rated every country in the world in terms of ‘safety and security’.  It was interesting to see that while the UK was listed 78th and the USA 84th on the list, Morocco was rated the 20th safest country in the world. The report considered “the costliness of common crime and violence (including terrorism)” and “the extent to which police services can be relied upon to provide protection from crime” and you can see further details here:

Which are the Safest Countries in the World?

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