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Overseas Property: How to Find What You're Really Looking for in a Property Abroad

Published: 24 February 2019

Having sold property overseas for more years than we care to admit, there are certain things people tend to look for when they are searching for property abroad and those things tend to be far more important than the standard search options...


Is Morocco Safe?

Published: 07 February 2019

Visiting Morocco, and Marrakech in particular, is like travelling back in time to a different world.  The Medina streets are narrow and windy with plenty of hustle and bustle and a steady stream of donkey or moped-pulled trailers piled...


The Marrakech Diaries: When, Where & How to Haggle in Marrakech

Published: 24 September 2018

Coming from a culture where fixed prices are the norm, it can be intimidating to come to a society which, by reputation, haggles over the price of just about everything.  However, in Morocco, haggling applies only in certain circumstances and...


Collective-Ownership - Invest In Your Holiday

Published: 17 December 2018

A new model of property ownership has been designed specifically for people who are drawn to the idea of having a holiday house but don’t necessarily have time to enjoy lengthy stays at a second home. Collective-ownership is common practise in...


The Perfect Lifestyle Business - An Air BnB Property in Marrakech

Published: 28 November 2018

As well as being an exotic retreat from day to day life, small riads in Marrakech are being snapped up by savvy investors, capitalising on a great lifestyle business opportunity.  As the owner, you get a home from home in the centre of the...


Escape the City - Where Can you get from City Centre to Mountain Wilderness in 90 Minutes?

Published: 10 November 2018

Marrakech is a vibrant, exciting, exotic city.  Sometimes, especially in the heat of the summer, it can be a welcome relief to escape the hustle and bustle and seek some space and fresh-air. Head due south from Marrakech you will soon be...